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Azure web app deployment slot swap

Edit: So this was not the whole story; The other part is what casino is meant by "sticky" and "not sticky" settings in the documentation.
Optional command-line arguments for the script processor.To configure virtual applications and directories, specify each virtual directory and its corresponding physical path relative to the website root (D:home).These apps are incredibly powerful and can literally get you up and running in minutes.Rollback After a swap, the old website will be in the staging slot and the new website in the production slot.You cant scale a deployment spielcasino salzburg slot, separate from other deployment slots in the App Service.The same code uses your development settings when you debug locally, and it uses your production secrets when deployed to Azure.Edit button on the right zamani poker side.Always On : Keep the app loaded even when there's no traffic.Each app has the default root path mapped to D:homesitewwwroot, where your code is deployed by default.Optionally, you can select the Application checkbox to mark a virtual directory as an application.Publishing endpoints Custom Domain Names SSL certificates and bindings Scale settings WebJobs schedulers Site extensions This results in a seamless transition to production.

Incoming client certificates : require client certificates in mutual authentication.
Connection strings have the following json formatting: "name "name-1 "value "conn-string-1 "type "sqlserver "slotSetting false, "name "name-2 "value "conn-string-2 "type "PostgreSQL "slotSetting false.