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Bing bang lyrics

Bing bang diggly dong i say those words befor i go to sleep.
Up up - do the jump.
Silly words that can't mean anything.
I was five and he was six.Bang bang, i shot you down, bang bang, you hit the ground, bang bang.Down down - turn around, having fun is what it's all about.That awful sound, bang bang, my baby shot me down, seasons came and changed the time.And till this day some times I cry.He would always laugh and say.That awful sound, bang bang, my baby shot me down.Bing bang diggiriggidong, i say those words before I go to sleep.Bing no deposit casino bonus hungary bang diggiriggidong, first thing that I say after tv ci modul fehlt I wake.Now he's gone I don't know why.Three four - on the floor, Having fun is what it's all about.He would always win the fight.When I grew up, I called him mine.Get on up it's time to dance yeah.
This is a song about Stephanies life.
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