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Bonus перевод с латинского

bonus перевод с латинского

( feminine bona, neuter bonum first/second declension adjective masculine bonus m ( feminine bona, neuter bonum, comparative melior, superlative optimus or optumus first/second declension ; First/second declension.
Bonus, a, um, am;.
Case Singular Plural nominative bonus bon genitive bon bonrum dative bon bons 1991 lotto winning numbers accusative bonum bons ablative bon bons vocative bone bon).Najwyższy stopień najwyższy optimus other_forms:bona, melior, optimus bonus ( genitive bon m, second declension noun, 2nd declination other_forms:boni bonus.A, um ( compar.As a bonus for good behavior you can stay up kostenlos online casino spiele ohne anmeldung book deluxe late.Number, singular, plural Case / Gender Masculine Feminine Neuter Masculine Feminine Neuter nominative bonus bona bonum bon bonae bona genitive bon bonae bon bonrum bonrum bonrum dative bon bon bons accusative bonum bonam bonum bons bons bona ablative bon bon bon bons vocative bone bona.Comparative : melior (better superlative : optimus (best) and optumus (best) noun masculine bonus m ( genitive bon second declension ; Second declension.Wyższy stopień wyższy melior;.We were offered a 3,000 cash bonus to take voluntary redundancy.Each worker receives an annual bonus.The company promised us a bonus this year.The company tried to motivate workers with the promise of bonus payments.'The Atlas of Scotland' (John Thomson, 1832) (the entire atlas with text, enlargeable to very high res.'madam palm and her five sisters' and 'rosie palm and her five sisters'.'Ordnance Survey National Grid maps, 1940s-1960s' ( 750 sheets, in very high res.'Maps of Hertfordshire' (Chris Reynolds) July, 2005 England - Hertfordshire.
'New Revised Series' (346 sheets, 1893-8, enlargeable to very high res.
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