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Harry (maybe female, PM to ask Alive!
Completed - 4,459 Total - Posted: 07/28/2015 poll FIC (First Vote to reach 150) - 3,000 Minimum For Want of Family Chapter 16 - 3,000 Minimum When a Phoenix Interferes rewrite (Chapters 7-9) - 3/3 Chapters Completed - Posted: Hissy Fit Update - 3,000 Minimum.
Chapters Completed When a Stranger Interferes Chapter 39 - 6,000 Minimum Unsuspected Chapter 6 - 3,000 Minimum Hissy Fit Update - 2,500 Minimum Pokemon: Amethyst Chapter 5 - 3,000 Minimum Unsuspected Chapter 7 - 4,000 Minimum A Sister's Prerogative Chapter 11 - 4,000 Minimum Foxfire.
Book of Ra Deluxe, Jammin Jars, Danger High Voltage, Fat Rabbit and, reactoonz.Infact, maybe she died, I don't know, you choose.With either a Harry/Marcus or Harry/Esca pairing!I apologize ahead of time.I am at the mercy of Real Life and my adhd Muses atlantis casino club paradise - challenge!We update the site with new exciting casino games, slots, online casinos and casino bonuses every day so you can be sure to find something new every time your visit.Nightmare Moon DID destroy the Elements of Harmony in front of Twilight, and kept the Mane 6 because she realized that they were the physical representation.Some of the Minimum Words will seem unusually short, so I will tell you now that an average chapter for me is, preferably, 3,000, give or take a hundred.You get to choose the how and what-for, but Harry HAS to be in the Eagle timeline.Books, Grimm, My Little Pony, Outlast, Pacific Rim, Far Cry, Jurassic Park, My Hero Academia Wolfman, 2010, Codex Alera, Temeraire, Avatar, Glee, Book X-overs, Fablehaven, Mythology, Ginga series, Pan's Labyrinth/El laberinto del fauno, Soul Eater, Game of Thrones, Bleach, Criminal Minds, Percy Jackson and the.High Volatility Slots list.Other stories I'VE written, scales - An Original Story.IDK, free FOR ALL i may randomly do one or something, idk (Shrugs).When complete, next to the complete I'll add to it, I will put the actual # of words.I cannot tell you why it irritated me when I find a story that says slash, and I click on it, and find that the majority of the characters are straighter then frikkin rulers and you getmentions of slash, and that.TO SEE MY fanart, YOU CAN check MY DA which IS under THE same username.Sorry ahead of time if this bothers you.Doesn't need a relationship outside familial, though I'd like it if the only reason Harry was on Skull Island was becuase of the Dursley's and the Movie Guy had a deal of some sort.An Avengers AU fic, where thor became the bad guy, and loki joined the Avengers.N IS glitching OR something AND will NOT LET links work!I want a harry potter/king kong fic, where, instead of the blond, harry is the one captured and caring for Kong.

More then ONE OF YOU CAN accephallenge!) Tousled - By Ryder Bellamiren NEW challenge!