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Casino constanta romania

Speaking to, the Independent, photographer, jakub Kynl said: The atmosphere was a bit spooky to be honest.
Przed jego wzniesieniem w latach znajdowała się w tym miejscu drewniana budowla Cazin, która służyła przede wszystkim jako miejsce wypoczynku dla turystów.
Jakub Kynl 9/13, it is now listed as one of the seven most endangered buildings in Europe.A great piece of Art Nouveau architecture from the early 20th century, the Casino was once the symbol of Romanias main port, Constanta, on the shore of the Black Sea.Even so, it lures dreamy visitors with its nostalgic air and one hundred years old stories.If youd like to discover the Constanta Casino and other attractions from the region, contact us via.Jakub Kynl 6/13, sadly, it was bombed again during the Second World War and closed as a casino as a result of communist Romania's anti-gambling laws.The air was heavy and a creepy sound of the wind coming in through the broken windows is dominant when sonderauslosungen lotto niedersachsen you enter.I hope my photographs will give you a glimpse of what was the atmosphere back in time!W środku budynku oprócz kasyna działała też restauracja.The Art Nouvea-style building was originally commissioned by King Carol I and built around the year 1900, opening to the public as a casino in 1910.She was there on vacation with her family50 years ago.Początkowo budynek był inspirowany tradycjami sztuki rumuńskiej, a architektem był Petre Antonescu.It was inaugurated in 1910, and until the Second World War, it was the main seaside meeting point for the rich tourists who enjoyed to gamble.It was restored to its former purpose in 1917 before being bombed once again during the Second World War, after which it was turned into merkur casino online kostenlos umwandeln a restaurant and bar due to communist Romanias strict anti-gambling laws.Jakub Kynl 3/13, the building opened as a casino in 1910.Budynek służy dzisiaj tylko jako miejsce turystyczne, nie jest w użytku czynnym, a z bliska widać uszkodzenia budynku, takie jak powybijane okna oraz zardzewiałe poręcze.If youd like to discover the Constanta Casino and other attractions from the region, contact us via m, the story of the Constanta Casino is sadly the story of Romanias many splendid, yet abandoned historical monuments.Constanta Casino in Constana, a seaside town in the south-east of Romania (about two hours from capital.After the Russian Imperial family visited in 1914, it became a military hospital at the outbreak of the First World War and suffered bombing.It was briefly used as a war hospital in the First World War, and during the Second World War, it was transformed into a hospital.Belle Epoque in Constanta like the building of the Casino. .Jakub Kynl 11/13, waves from the sea and strong winds have shattered most of the building's windows.
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BusinessInsiderDe g, photographer Roman Robroek has always been drawn to photographing abandoned places, so when he discovered the empty but majestic Casino Constanta on the coast of the Black Sea in Romania, he knew he had to shoot.

This casino once hosted glamorous royal parties but now it sits completely abandoned.