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Casino coupe review

casino coupe review

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Manufacturer, epiphone Guitar Corp., m, the Casino Coupe features the same compact body size as Epiphones ES-339 model while retaining a casino winterberg duitsland fully hollowbody design.
These new Epiphone models are so outrageously affordable and appealing that they deserve a closer look from anyone who wants to add a thinline guitar to his or her arsenal.
As many legendary guitarists can rtl morgenmagazin lotto attest, a Casino can be a very toneful and capable musical partner, and the Casino Coupe is no exception.I have smaller hands and short fingers, so I prefer the more C-shaped profile of my Casino, but many players will no doubt love the profile of the Casino Coupe's neck as well, which is still a SlimTaper in terms of thickness, but with the.The Casino Coupe has a set, bound mahogany neck with.75" scale length.What You Need To Know, the Casino Coupe is designed to be a smaller, sportier version of the legendary Casino, packing all the essential Casino features into a smaller, scaled-down, ES-339 sized body.He is a former featured monthly columnist for EQ magazine, and his articles and product reviews have also appeared in Keyboard, Electronic Musician and Guitar Player magazines).This is a full-size double-cutaway thinline electric with a semihollow laminated maple body that incorporates a block of mahogany through the center, beneath the pickups, bridge and tailpiece.The four gold Top Hat knobs have metal "pointers but unlike the vintage ones I once swore at every time I cut my hand on them, these are nicely rounded off to protect your fingers.The hardware is gold plated and consists of a genuine Bigsby B70 vibrato tailpiece, Wilkinson 14:1 tuners with small gold-plated buttons, and a LockTone Tune-o-matic bridge.The headstock is angled at 14 degrees, which helps increase string down pressure at the nut, and thus sustain.Both the pickguard and the bullet shaped truss rod cover feature the stylized Epiphone E logo, and the headstock also features an inlayed pearloid Epiphone logo.It has a lot going for it - including a very reasonable price tag, and many players will no doubt fall in love with it just as much as I have with my personal Casino.If you use loads of high gain distortion and fuzz, play at very high on-stage volume levels and/or hate feedback, the Casino Coupe is probably not for you.The tuners have vintage cosmetics and a 14:1 gear ratio.The body is double bound with a ivory colored single-ply binding.The Casino Coupe is also available in Vintage Sunburst and Cherry.This could be easily fixed with a dab of glue.My main criticism is a matter of personal preference.You may find it's just the right fit for you.The Casino Coupe can do Brit-Pop, Funk, Rock, Blues and jangle like you'd expect, but it can also provide surprisingly sweet Jazz tones too.The increase in controllable sustain when you have the Casino Coupe, pedals and amp all set right is musically and expressively powerful, and playing europa casino bonus terms the Casino Coupe is a very interactive and fun experience.
The single coil pick ups are surprisingly quiet (I use a MXR Badass effect).
Limitations, the review unit's pickup pole pieces were adjusted higher than I'd normally recommend; in fact, the treble pickup's adjustment screws were set extremely high.

The sound is very rich, round, yet it lends to distortion, and gives out a raucous hard rock tone.
The Casino Coupes two P-90 single-coil pickups deliver classic, assertive Casino tones but with more focused midrange and less susceptibility to feedback.
I wish its neck had a more C-shaped SlimTaper profile instead of a D-shaped one.