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Facebook confirmed as much in a tweet, saying that while it was still investigating the root cause of its woes, it had ruled out a distributed denial of service attack.
Check back soon for updates.
Bad Packets Report, which keeps close tabs on the activity of botnets and network attacks that cause actual harm.But while roughly 20,000 DDoS attacks take place every single day on the public internet, Facebook makes for an exceedingly unlikely target.As is almost always the case, those theories are wrong.And even if bingo das silabas como fazer it did, its unclear who might be able to pull it off.Its what weve seen over the last 25 years or so of DDoS attacks on the public internet.Its always an arms race between the attackers and the defenders, says casino hauset Roland Dobbins, a principal engineer at NetScout.DDoS will make it impossible for anyone to pull up a page or refresh their app.A Facebook, a Googlethose kinds of companiesare so massive, and their bandwidth and interconnectivity is so huge, that they can effectively absorb large-scale attacks on their own.But those two truths are much further from intersecting than the more paranoid corners of the internet would have you believe.Theres no collaborating evidence of any kind to indicate a malicious attack, says Troy Mursch, a security researcher who runs.Which is not to say that hackers dont try to compromise Facebook every day.That kind of stuff is frustrating when were trying to establish or present something thats factual, when you see social media spread that disinformation.More Great wired Stories.As the problem dragged on for several hours, the company said it was not related to a distributed denial-of-service (.Netflix even DDoS d itself once, casino raunheim to demonstrate a novel technique.Our own attempt from GeekWire offices in Seattle to post on Facebook was met with the same message all day: Oops.By overwhelming servers, a successful.Theyve also gotten huge; in 2018, network security firm NetScout spotted a, dDoS that funneled.7 terabits per second of data at a single target.
(It was also part of a Minecraft-related scheme.

But you dont even have to take Facebooks word for.
The idea of nation-state hackers taking down the worlds biggest social network has plenty of appeal, both for its easy explanation of a prolonged inconvenience and for the touch of schadenfreude.
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