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casino potsdam berlin

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As was the case in most of central Berlin, 5 almost all of the buildings around Potsdamer Platz were turned to rubble by air raids and heavy artillery bombardment during the last years of World War.
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Leipziger Platz however, was inside the city (and had a name almost a century before its neighbour did and always had an orderly, disciplined look about.

The railways arrive edit Potsdamer Platz - the Potsdamer Bahnhof around 1900.
The one on the north side served as the customs house and excise collection point, while its southern counterpart was a military guardhouse, set up to prevent desertions of Prussian soldiers, which had become a major problem.
The Soviets even took to marking out their border by stationing armed soldiers along it at intervals of a few metres, day and night, in all weathers.