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Chandler bing quotes gif

You know, just, don't turn your back to him.
Vince: (About being a firefighter) 98 hot saves, highest in the force.
M chandler bing"s 1 images, all resolutions: prev, page of 1 next.Since the 90's era of television, the networks joker österreich lotto seem to think we want to see more animation in our television programming.(While watching Pete's fight on TV).Monica: Can we please go eat?You should go to my guy, because when I went in there with my third nipple.Joey: Yeah, or, you could teach him a lesson, you know?We've updated our, terms of Service and, privacy Policy.Chandler: What if Joey was president?Monica: A swim mask?Chandler: Yes, but there's two in "martini so everybody back to my office!Chandler: what do poker dealers do I don't want to be the guy who has a problem with his boss slapping his bottom.I can't have children!Chandler Bing (or from our least favorite girlfriend of his.).Monica: (Laughing yeah right.Have you ever wondered if there's a town in Missouri or something named Sample?
"Until I was 25 I thought the response to "I love you" was "oh crap".
Then, when he goes to smack you, his hand will smell.