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I wanted to use them all for one project and be able to show off all the prints.
So it seems this bag is destined to become a busy bag of sorts for my kids. .
I wanted the curtain to look great from the front and back since it will be seen from both sides. .
Well, thats it for today. .There you have it! .There is only one seam to sew in the entire bag making it a perfect first project for anyone new to sewing leather.In the video I mentioned having a photo of the piece I cut off. .Use the pattern to cut two bag outers and two bag linings. .Buuuuut the original pattern worked out and I didnt need to make a new one.One of my amazing viewers asked if I could make a fidget mat tutorial.You can see everything I made here!I created a couple of fidget mats for some elementary students and will be showing how I made them along with some extra tips and ideas for things you can incorporate in your own fidget mats.I finally came up with an idea for a quilt top that uses all the prints together roulette permanenzen generator to create one large block.If you are shopping through Amazon I would love for you to use my Amazon referral link.They can be great for children, adults with Alzheimers or dementia, or anyone with special needs. .Ill have my regular weekly sewing tutorial up this Saturday, so make sure to come back for that. .Then fold the bottom two inches of the pattern up so the shortest side measures.5 inches and cut two pocket pieces.So I put it off and put it off. .Today Ill be sharing the progress Ive made toward using my fabric stash over the past few months. .Its a challenge I set for myself to focus on using the fabrics and supplies from my stash before buying new. .His as this ; be at but not have had from will are they -!The zippers need to be at least one inch longer than the fabric width because they will need to be unzipped to keep the excess material out of the way while top stitching certain parts. .Last week I got sickBleh! .
You can see just how easy this curtain is to make in my step by step tutorial.
I came up with a really unique bag project that I hope to share in the next few weeks and as soon as I was well enough to sew I filmed this weeks tutorial. .

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