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Norris Photograph 2011 AIS Convention October The Gardens at Hetley Park Stephanie Markham Garden Reports 2011 AIS Convention October C Dream Team Kelly.
Caldwell Letters to the Editor Judges July Iris Seed Mrs.
Reinhardt fun casino hampshire Convention July Flight Lines Robins July From the Editor's Desk Editor's Letter July Genetics for Iris Breeders "Kidd, Kenneth K" Hybridizing Into to the Basics July Minutes RVP-Board Meeting Minutes July Minutes of the Board of Directors Meeting Minutes July IBebby Rairdon Photograph July.
Wood" Betty Wood Photograph Garden.Japoncia April Dig This - Soil!Marion poke hawaiian dictionary Shull Hybridizing January "Description of Varieties, Part 2" Registrations Introductions January List of Varieties described Registrations Introductions January "List of 1923 Members to February 1st, whose names are not included in the Membership List" Membership January A further Acknowledgement to our generous 1922 members.Varner Photograph October B royal poker 99 Roanoke's Choice.Photograph kalifa gulnaratai pasha January B Proclaimation- Iris Week Photograph Governor Nelson ckefeller signed in New York January B William Thomson Garden in New York "Blackwell,." Photograph January B Viette Nursery "Blackwell,." Photograph January Color Classification 1971 AIS Business January Minutes of Directors'.Loomis Regional Reports Colorado February Regional Vice Presidents Carl Starker Regional Reports Oregon February The Annual Meeting Meetings February Report of Iris Shows Mrs.Higgins Varietal Comments April B "Archie Owen meets "Archie Owen" Photograph April Control of Iris Rust with Plantvax Robert.Roslyn Carter" Photograph July C Annual Presidential Letter "Cosgrove, Clarke" President's Letter July Bnn Chowning Frank Chowning Photograph October Fayberry Candle Photograph October From The President's Desk.Wm McGarvey, Bee Warburton" "Blackwell,." Photograph July.Mitchell-an Appreciation Robert Swan Sturtevant Biography April B Michigan State Geddes Douglas Photograph Spuria Iris Nies variety April Sydney.Moiles Obituary October B Archie Garrard Photograph October In memoriam Archie Garrard Obituary October B Mrs.April Achievements Must Not Lead to Complacency "Smith, Raymond G" Commentary Education April Weed Control Experience "Rundlett, Edwin" Culture Chloro IPC April A Portland Side Trip Dorothy Dennis Commentary Iris in their habitat April State Fair Project of esis Irwin.Hoage Garden Reports Varietal Comments April Northern Illinois Society Plans Show Charles.Wall" Photograph Distinguished Service Medal Winner January Four Distinguished Service Medals Awards January B "Elizabeth.Long January The Popularity Poll as a Buying Guide Peggy Burke Grey Commentary Polls and Awards List a guide to acquire iris January Rotterdam Floriade Awards International AIS receives Gold Medal for excellence of iris display at Exposition.Presby Robert Swan Sturtevant Obituary "Index #13 In Memoriam of Frank.July "Shreveport,., Convention '51" Convention Garden Reports July B Royal Gem July Super Iris for a Dollar or Less "Cook,.Edward" Convention April Chicagoland Gardens "Boss, Barbara" Garden Preview Dietes April Information on Dietes Errata Species April Corrected Nomenclature of Two Oriental Species "Davidson, B LeRoy" Species April entury and a Half of Error Recitified Art "glimis,.
Letters to Editor January Region 19 Regional Reports January Exhibition Report Fern Irving Shows various regions January Exhibition Judges Shows List of accredited judges B Nies Garden Corliss Photograph "M/M Sydney.
Clarence Connell Obituary July AIS Holds Largest Convention Garden Reports Oklahoma Convention ' 154 04 Three Oklahoma Iris Gardens.