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Full poke varus

full poke varus

Ever wondered how pros can get 300 CS at 30 minutes before?
If you can't afford.
The video also explains how to create a slow push, but this technique is very rarely useful in solo queue with how uncoordinated everyone is outside of very high Elo.When following the rule of "attack bing developer whoever's closest often you'll have to choose between two champions that are at a more or less equal distance from you, and poke cake recipes uk it'll be optimal for you to attack one or the other, but it's hard to be completely.It may be tempting to constantly use this spell for harassment, but unless you already have lane priority it's often more important to prioritize hitting as web lotto de many minions as possible to gain a minion advantage.For example, if you're playing vs Zed, you cannot be one of the ones trying to focus him down while he still has enough spells and HP to be a threat.I'm also a full time League of Legends streamer and work for Riot Games to write champion guides on the Lolesports site, as well as having accumulated over 100 million views across all my mobafire guides, where I've been writing guides since 2011.When it's a cannon wave, you should either push the 2nd wave too (if it's safe to do so, not at all safe to do when the enemy team is ahead in towers and enemy threats are unaccounted for on the minimap or just recognize.Sometimes even if they're the lower threat, it's still worth focusing them down first if they're going to die significantly faster, but only sometimes, and it depends on how big a threat the other possible target.Coup De Grace, coup de Grace : This is the best rune in its tree for almost every champion that wants to go into Precision since it's the one that simply does the most damage in your average game.This won't always be possible, as CS isn't the most important thing in the game.So you should think of sieging as slowly whittling down a tower.You'll essentially be farming 2 lanes at once, keeping you easily above the 10 CS per minute rule so long as you can consistently get to the bottom lane wave in time before the minions start dying to the tower.
If your other option is an equally tanky Sion for example, he's less likely to be able to get away alive when he gets low, so it'd be smarter to focus him in a situation where it's just as easy to auto-attack both.
It's also a more gold-efficient start as Doran's Blade is a super cost-effective item and you'll be spending 50 gold on pots rather than 150 gold, and eventually Doran's Blade 's HP lifesteal will outsustain those 2 HP pots anyway.