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The Professor's sister, Adora (Elisabeth Rope agrees to work with The Savage Six from the inside (she's a guerilla, too, but it doesn't agree with her brothers politics while the commandos parachute out of a helicopter and land behind enemy lines.
Or so they thought.
When Tony and Carlos betray Calvin, Russell and Rex and send the cops to their hotel room, Rex is killed but Calvin and Russell escape thanks to a couple of sticks of dynamite and some police uniforms.But there's a shootout in an auto junkyard that runs a close second.At first, Stony and Paco are stymied on how to infiltrate the island, but when an Australian woman beats the crap out of both of them in a bar fight, they come up with the brilliant idea to use "broads" to pretend to be prostitutes.Savage justice (1988) - Here's a Filipino actioner that actually received.S.Also featuring "Alan Collins" (Luigi Pigozzi; Margheriti's.AND GOD said TO cain.It makes this scene look comical rather than suspenseful and brutal).This is not a bad little film (which was a minor hit when originally released) which brings you back to a time when films like this were socially relevant and were considered legitimate theatrical entertainment by a majority of moviegoers.They lock up all the townspeople in the jail while Claire leads some of them on a chase when she steals a car.Kay is running a drug distribution and prostitution ring from inside with the blessings of most of the guards.Less fascinating is Benjamin Lev as Joe, who makes a joke out of everything, even his death.There's also some side-splitting dialogue, such as when Kurz (Metcalf the Nazi with the eyepatch, has captured Cleo and has her restrained on a big wooden wheel.The film opens with young woman Lea (Eleonora Giorgi; black belly OF THE tarantula - 1971) squealing to a police inspector (Tomas Milian; almost human - 1974) that her boyfriend, Louis (Max Delys; gangster'S LAW - 1969 has hooked-up with two undesirable young men, Paul.While there are plenty of stunts (cars flip and explode, a motorcycle flys off a cliff, people fall off buildings and crash through windows) and multiple fights to keep your eyes occupied, the screenplay will have you laughing till you puke with lines like, "I'll.various subplots involving gun runners trying to kill Duke and Martin trying to kill Robbie (who lotto fehler is credited as "Ruben" in the final credits).Hans agrees to pay, but crooks can't be trusted and two of Hans' men meet Harpett at a bar, take the photos and garrot him in his own car.
Director/co-scripter Ignazio Dolce ( leathernecks - 1988; last flight TO hell - 1990 using the pseudonym "Paul.
A deadly cobra tries to bite him, but he is saved from certain death by Toro (Ottaviano Dell'Acqua, as "Richard Raymond Mattei's strike commando 2 - 1988 who blows off the cobra's head with his pistol.

Miller fills the screen with bloody violence, including impalement on bamboo poles, an arrow in the crotch and bullet squibs, lots and lots of bullet squibs.
One shoots.S.