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Jackpot drama ending

Wonderful relationship.
Then one tragedy after another befalls him.
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Hwang Jin Ki (Han Jung Soo) is the rival of Kim Che Gun.Excerpts may be used provided that credit is given to Kdrama Kisses (m) with clear and direct links to the original content.He does some pretty awful things, but you pretty much forget about them because of what a dedicated father he becomes to Dae Gil. Its one of those scenarios where he almost gets taken down repeatedly, but he always narrowly escapes at the end.But he is not completely alone. Hes one of those actors that isnt as well known, but Im always excited when he pops up in a drama.But I thought the drama did very well at equally presenting each of their distinct stories.He loses his closest allies as well as his only son.He brings such strong emotion spit kartenspiel whether its dealing with the seriousness of his situation or being completely distraught by losing his loved ones. After all they had been through, in the end, they were simply brothers, and how fitting that.But both Dae Gil and Yeo Ning fall for Dam Seo. He pretends to be an immature playboy to survive the palace politics, but he actually has very high morals and wants the best for his people.But their loss was all the more reason for them to cling to each other. Lee In Jwa takes him under his wing in his plan to use him to control the throne.Yeo Ning continues to rule alone in the palace.