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Loaded poke test

One of the transparent d6's in the 36d6 set, with a fairly big air bubble near one corner, did noticeably favor that corner, as expected, but even then, the bias wasn't huge.
Also, I've got salt stains everywhere now.
TL;DR: Yeah, it works.To see any imbalance in those smaller dice, you have to fine-tune the salt concentration so that they just barely float, preferably without touching either the bottom or the surface.Dank des definierten Concaves macht dieses Board vor aggressiven Turns keinen Halt!This meant that, in order to see the bias clearly, I had to reduce the density of the salt water until they no longer always floated with one face on the surface.A bunch of random d6's from various board and card games, including Illuminati, Munchkin and a couple of generic d6's whose origin I don't remember.Check that there are no visible air bubbles stuck on the dice (especially inside the pips / numbers) that could upset the balance.They look vaguely like these dice, but without the purple, and they're smaller than usual (the d6 is only 8 mm wide).(Come to think of it, if you had a coffee maker, you might be able to do all this just by filling the filter with salt and running a cup or two of water through.Home, loaded Poke 34 - Carver.4 Setup - Surf Edition.It helps to do this while the water is still hot, since salt dissolves faster and easier in hot water.Also, I'm not sure if it was something in my bingo spielanleitung kindergarten salt, or if the cup I used was dirty or something, but my water ended up full of not just bubbles, but also some cloudy yellowish organic-looking gunk that made it look just plain nasty.The former issue is unavoidable; the latter we can fix.The two d10's in the same set also showed a somewhat noticeable imbalance, but in both cases it was towards a point on the "rim" between the two sides.In some sense, this is hardly surprising: the presence of the texture clearly shows that such dice are not made of a homogeneous material.Ausgestattet mit den etwas härteren Lenkgummis von Orangatang sind die Achsen stabiler als das standard Carver.4 Set.Preferring to always float with one (any) corner.A small opaque dark green textured 7-die polyhedral set with gold markings.Poke the dice a couple of times, and see if they consistently return to the same orientation.The main cause of imbalance in such dice seems to be trapped air bubbles, which can be detected by eye.Translucent dice seem to be much better in this regard, having a significantly more uniform density.This kind of worked, but I noticed a couple of problems: It takes a lot of salt (like, a lot!