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Long range poke champions

long range poke champions

Annie also provides poke and long range stuns with her other abilities.
Nami also has excellent disengage and engage tools with Aqua Prison and Tidal Wave.This ability provides a shield that absorbs all disabling effects on the chosen target while active, so you can completely nullify any attempts from opposing players to geheime casino trickbuch kostenlos focus down an important teammate.Similar to Pyke, a lot merkur spielautomaten videos of Morganas strength lies in her ability to catch out opponents for her marksman.Bandage Toss allows Amumu to get into the backline of the enemy team to catch the squishy targets.If her use in Worlds hasnt made it clear, shes a versatile champion who can zip around a skirmish applying damage to multiple targets with ease, while also handling herself comfortably during the laning phase.Pyke, onto the support champions now and Pyke sits near the top as one of the strongest picks in the role at this time.Varus, image via Riot Games.Similar to the meta on Summoners Rift, the champions that are the strongest can change patch to patch.The key part of Pykes kit is Bone Skewer, and it's this ability that offers the most kill potential for your bot lane partner.Other skills such as Ghostwater Dive, which camouflages Pyke temporarily, allows you to find a better position to attempt a grab while remaining undetected.While I usually do well enough in lane with Ekko, I feel like the current support meta stops me from flanking and killing the siege mage on the enemy team.Enemy champions below a certain health threshold are straight up executed by this move, while full gold for the kill is also granted to any ally who has assisted with.
Image via Riot Games, soraka has two healing abilities that can help her team get a large health boost before a fight and gives her team a better chance to win that fight.
Amumu, image via Riot Games, curse of the Sad Mummy is a fantastic ability to start a fight and has the potential to catch the whole team in a long stun.