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Paragon crit bonus stack

80 - Witchmaster - When you use a beneficial potion or ingredient, 50 chance to receive a powerful side effect, randomly chosen from a range of 40 side effects.
50 - Edge of Oblivion - You can summon or reanimate 1 additional minion and they last 50 longer.
Human: 2 to any stats.Eternal Defender (Fighter, MP Bonus to your primary stat, plus wield large weapons and get your reach extended.Enchanting 0 - Enchanting Mastery (2) - New enchantments are 20/40 stronger.This is a good choice for wardens going for pure, raw defender.At will, while sneaking, teleport through the shadows behind a target to attempt a sneak power attack with your right weapon that deals double sneak attack damage.The other poker tournaments during wsop mobility boost is most helpful for the slower amongst you, especially dwarves, who will get the most use out.80 - Feed the Monster - Able to feed Human Flesh to summoned or reanimated creatures, healing them and increasing Health, Magicka and Stamina by 200 points for 600 seconds.90 - Enduring Ideal - Wheel of Life heals 25 more and each new cycle is 5 seconds faster than the last.Their corpses can be raised, but they dissipate when combat ends.Gaining tremorsense (essentially) is pretty awesome though.90 - Tome of Many Pages - Teaches 18 different Restoration spells.100 - Tempting Fate - You gain 20 movement speed if you are not blocking during an enemy's power attack.Every 6-12 seconds in combat, your next shock spell triggers a ground discharge that radiates outward from the target.50 - Intuitive Magic (2) - Novice/ and apprentice spells of any school cost 100 less Magicka to cast.Power Recovery (Softcapped at around 30k) Crit (Caps at 100) Defense (Caps Damage Resistance at 95) Armor Penetration (Cap Resistance Ignored at 100).Speech 0 - Speech Mastery (2) - Sell items for 10/20 more.30 - Entice Barter - Activate any target under the effect of a Calm spell to initiate trade.

This can only occur once every 30 seconds.