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Pig in a poke song

Weird Science happens to be written and directed by John Hughes, who wrote the original short story that inspired the series and the screenplays for.
Germany WAS actually italerman-speaking Italian town was used to shoot the Germany-set scenes.A passport seen in the opening credits reveals the W stands for Wilhelm.Each slab was outfitted with a timed hydraulic mechanism to create the practical effect of them tipping over.The bike rider whom Clark hits with his car in London, and who pops up again in Rome, is none other than Eric Idle, a founding member aviation club poker paris of the great Monty Python comedy troupe.Chevy chase IS sparky Sparky, Ellens pet name for Clark, was Chases nickname in real life.Eric idle AND chevy chase came UP with AN idea FOR THE third vacation movie AND then scrapped.Vacation, European Vacation, and, christmas Vacation.European Vacation is the movie in which Griswold is spelled Griswald.WE finally find OUT what THS IN clark.Monty Python and the Holy Grail.In the, vacation series, the Griswold children famously change actors with each moviebut Anthony Michael Hall, who played Rusty in the original.Chase also allegedly wrote a script for a new movie called.And you probably recognize Pig in a Pokes touchy-feely host, too: Kent was played by John Astin, the original Gomez Addams in the Addams Family TV show.Vacation movie called, australian Vacation, but the movie was scrapped as they moved on to other projects.Swiss Family Griswold about the family going on a cruise.
Clarks bucket hat was meant to resemble a similar hat worn.
Rusty WAS almost THE same actor AS THE first movie.

Clarks HAT WAS inspired blassic character.
Pack up the family truckster and head out for some family fun with the Griswolds!