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Poke floats super smash bros ultimate

It's the same reason as Pyrosphere, there's a giant version of a playable character in the stage.
The floats, in order of appearance, are: Pokémon, picture, behavior.
Enters from the right, then starts slowly floating down along Squirtle.Wooper Quickly rises from the bottom-left corner to the middle of the screen, then moves to the right part of the screen.Snorlax Rises from the bottom of the screen, remaining almost stationary until it gets pushed down by Venusaur's passage.Unlike in Rainbow Cruise, however, the background remains static.On top of this news, New Donk City Hall was introduced alongside.After Geodude, the last few Unown clear the screen just before resetting back block bonus monat to Squirtle, and the process starts all over again.Afterwards, its whole body floats upwards until it disappears.Its head, body and tail form a single solid platform.Players will also be able to turn off in-stage hazards such as the Yellow Devil in Wily Castle.List of Floats in Order of Appearance.Contents, stage overview edit, similar to, rainbow Cruise, Poké Floats is an auto-scrolling stage with highly varied terrain.Its head and bill act as solid platforms.