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Poke hawaiian dictionary

A person with a comparatively small head.
Abb of Pretty Damned Quick.
Rhyming slang on Stella.
Expression for an armed band of men recruited to aid a sheriff in enforcing law.Therefore, those without sprawl or who casino colosseum leonberg are sprawlless are lazy.To run, usually implying a sense or urgency, such as hurriedly.To beat someone to the finish and by a small margin.Common in the South Midland states, the word might simply be a combination of "do" and "less but in some instances might be influenced by the Scots dowless, without strength or energy, feeble.'poo chute' poo pirate Noun.Used as an intensifier.When I sat down to brainstorm a list of all these words and phrases unique to Hawaii, regardless of their language origins, I ended up with such a long list that I had to subdivide.Those lazy, hazy days of summer aren't too far off, and hopefully youll be lolling like a slug at the pool, on the beach, or wherever warm days might take you.Informal punch up the bracket Noun.3 makai (mah-KIE) Toward the ocean.Also polone and polony.Something or someone who is troublesome or tedious.Lies, from the rhyming slang pork-pies.Used to express a suspicion that one is being tricked or teased.Obscene, in relation to language and speech.E.g."I'm afraid old Fred has finally popped his clogs." poppers Noun.Pan someone's head in Vrb phrs.In a small bowl, place some water to use as a sealer for the ends of the nori wrapper; set aside.3 aloha (ah-LOW-hah) Hello, goodbye, love, affection, kindness, graciousness.

The upper part of the buttocks, and the area between, when visible above the low waistline of trousers when the wearer is kneeling or bending.
The word comes sproil, an English dialectical meaning strength, energy; power of quick motion, spring, activity, agility.