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Poke the bear traduction

; instigate; incite; stir up: incite war cross stitch rising stroke (in Chinese characters) tio.
Nitpick: find fault with.; pick.
He always picked the hardest and dirtiest jobs.
Carrying pole with its load : bilderlotto haba two baskets of vegetables carried on a shoulder pole tio 2) tio lift up; raise: lift up door curtain fight by torchlight; continue working by lamplight poke; prick: prick blisters on one's sole with a needle lance (prick).Will you help to choose a new tie for me?I tio (1) (tio, ) (2) shoulder, - (3) : ( ; ; ; (4) ; bear; hold (5) : ; (6) select, - (7) : (8) pick, - (9) : (10) " " steal - (11) dig - (12) praise or promote show favour;.Poke the, sleeping, bear.À l origine en anglais, traduit par Bing Mauvaise traduction?The bear scene was gruesome.Translated by the service yandex translation.Yandex traduction yandex translate.(4) ; bear ; hold (11), make string toward the inside with backhand To poke.Flags poke out above the terminals, to denote which countrys financial instruments are changing hands."Around-the-World Roundup: 'Taken 2' Crushes Predecessor, 'Ted' Sets New Record".#6, author, heiner 30 Sep 10, 16:53 Comment @6 Doch, bei uns heißen sie auch "Bilder".
"Keith Richards - Richards To Shoot Pirates Role In September".
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#8 Author neutrino (17998) 30 Sep 10, 16:58 Comment Das ist höchstens in der Umgangssprache als Verkürzung von "Bilderkarten" denkbar, wenn der Kontext bekannt ist, nicht aber in einer Spielanleitung.
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