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Pokerstrategy glossar

pokerstrategy glossar

Bad beat: A strong hand that is ahead at the start but ends up getting outdrawn by a weaker hand.
River: The fifth and final community card, followed by a final round of betting.H- Heads Up: A match between 2 players Hole Cards: Also known slot receiver rankings 2017 as pocket cards, these are the 2 cards dealt face down to you at the start of every hand.SitNGo: A tournament that is scheduled to start not by date or time, but rather by a predetermined maximum amount of players.The cover is visually disturbing, the cover is not a good choice.M- Maniac: A loose player who is ultra-aggressive and has little regard to what cards they play.Pocket Cards: Also known as hole cards, these are the 2 cards dealt face down to you at the start of every hand.S- Satellite: A tournament where the prize pool is replaced by paid entries into a higher-priced tournament.Therefore we have created this glossary to help alleviate that problem.Big Slick: Nickname given to a starting hand consisting of an Ace and a King.Button: The disk used to indicate the current dealer position.Buy-in: The amount of money or chips needed in order to play a particular tournament.O- Omaha: A holdem poker variant where each player is dealt four hole cards, but must use just two them, in order to make the best five card poker hand.Tight: A player that generally waits to play only premium hands.A la derecha encontrarás una lista de todos los conceptos especiales del poker en orden alfabético.WPT: World Poker Tour wsop: World Series of Poker -X- -Y- -Z. Generally, it is more advantageous to be in late position as you can see how other players behave before determining your actions. Eg, Ten-jack is dominated by ace-jack.In holdem, also known as the turn.En nuestro glosario encontrarás más de 500 términos de poker, así que encontrarás cada palabra en nuestras lecciones de estrategia, vídeos o foros, por lo que nunca te sentirás lotto toto bad kissingen perdido en las discusiones de poker.Glossary of poker terms.
Fold: To discard a hand by tossing your hold cards into the muck.