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Rusty spotted cat

Weight: 12-22lbs Temperament: Active Body type: Substantial Colors: Tabby Grooming: Easy Lap cat: Average Energy: High Talker: Average Health: HCM (heart problems) and Bengal Nose (crusty nose) link TO more Birman Place of Origin: Myanmar Date of origin: 1911 Ancestry: Temple cats?
Link TO more Burmese Place of Origin: Mayanmar (Burma) Date of origin: 1930s Ancestry: Temple cats plus Siamese hybrid Weight: 8-14 lbs automatenspiele kostenlos online spielen 1001 Temperament: Relaxed Body type: Cobby Colors: Pointed, sable, champagne, sparkasse karlsruhe casino speiseplan blue, platinum.
Also: psychogenic alopecia, patellar luxation, lysosomal storage disease.
Felis bieti, chinese desert cat, asia.If you get it wrong the first time, feel free to click again, or drag the red marker to the correct location.The Ashera and Ashera GD is an F1 Savannah kundenkarte lotto thüringen cat.Link TO more Egyptian Mau Place of Origin: Egypt/Italy Date of origin: 1950s Ancestry: Egyptian feral cats Weight: 5-11 lbs Temperament: Intelligent Body type: Semi-foreign Colors: Spotted, silvers, smoke, solid colors Grooming: Easy Lap cat: Average Energy: High Talker: Average Health: reported heart and respiratory disorders.Link TO more American Curl Place of Origin: America Date of origin: 1981 Ancestry: Household cat Weight: 3-5 kg (7-11 lbs) Temperament: Balanced Body type: Semi-foreign Colors: All types Grooming: Easy Lap cat: Yes Energy: Average Talker: Average to low Health: Susceptible to ear problems.Burmilla: Photo copyright skoop (Flickr).Ashera GD: Photo copyright Life Style Pets Inc.Weight: 7-14 lbs Temperament: Docile Body type: Cobby Colors: All Grooming: Easy Lap cat: High Energy: Low Talker: Average Health: Respiratory, jaw (misalignment) and eye problems.America, leopardus wiedii, margay.Date of origin: 1986, ancestry: Savannah cat, weight: 20-27 lbs (male).Grooming: Easy Lap cat: Average Energy: High Talker: Average Health: No known issues.You can also choose to navigate to an address or area on the map.Grooming: Easy Lap cat: High Energy: High Talker: High Health: American Burmese: Skull defects.Please dont violate her copyright.Proudly powered by WordPress, theme: editor by, array.Range, acinonyx jubatus, cheetah, africa, Asia, catopuma badia.My contact details are in the menu heading the site.Link TO more Devon Rex Place of Origin: Devon, England, UK Date of origin: 1960 Ancestry: Moggie Weight: 6-9 lbs Temperament: Clown Body type: Semi-foreign Colors: Wide range, wavy fur Grooming: Easy Lap cat: High Energy: Average Talker: Low Health: A number of diseases inc.Link TO more Cornish Rex Place of Origin: Cornwall, England, UK Date of origin: 1950 Ancestry: Farm cat Weight: 6-10 lbs Temperament: Acrobatic!Felis catus, domestic cat, everywhere.