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Speed kartenspiel

speed kartenspiel

Lose kill, reduce Motorists are asked to reduce their speed in wet conditions.
(Karten) pack of cards * spielautomaten merkur kostenlos spielen jokers cap * * das, kartenspiel pack of cards; deck of cards; game of cards; card game * * kartenspiel nt swiss lotto checkpott 1) ( das, spielen) card-playing; ( ein, spiel) card game 2) (.
Im, karten Spiel - Speedcards ist gutes Gedächnis gefragt.
) cards 2) ( a pack of playing-cards: The gambler used his own deck of cards.Measure speed verb increase decrease speed noun control, reduction, restriction ( esp.Speed of The ships have a maximum speed of 18 knots. OF speed burst The Kenyan runner put on a sudden burst of speed over the last 50 yards.Karten ) pack or deck ( of cards) * * * das 1) ( the game(s) played with playing-cards: He cheats at cards.Phrases at full speed, full speed He was running at full speed when a tendon snapped in his leg.He drove us to the hospital at breakneck speed.At lightning speed in speed a significant increase in speed with speed Hedgehogs, though small, can move with surprising speed.n.Kartenspiel.) deck * * kartenspiel.Air, wind engine shutter The camera telekom bonus smartphone will choose a fast shutter speed.
Constant, steady average, normal increased operating, processing, processor, running the increase in processor speeds for home computers The machinery is regulated to a safe running speed.
Radio waves travel at the speed of light.