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By the Board - said of anything that has gone overboard By the Head - a full tilt poker login screen term applied to a vessel when she is deeper forward than aft By the Lee - sailing with the wind coming from behind, and slightly to the side that.
It is flown high, between the fore and main mast, and is also known as a fisherman's staysail See Sails Gooseneck - a swiveling device that connects the boom to the mast of a sailboat or ship, allowing the boom to swivel vertically and horizontally.
The shank is fitted to the crown with (on some anchors) a pivot or ball-and-socket joint that allows a movement from 30o to 45o either way.
Human fund Fictional charity."A man without hand is not a man.It is strong, light, impervious to rot, stretches little, is supple and has a high resistance to sunlight.Marble rye (noun) a special marble rye (noun) a special kind of rye bread so rare it is often stolen but so common it is often left unserved.On a sailboard, your left hand will be your front hand.Flood Tidal current moving toward land or up a tidal stream.A social meeting or informal conversation (originally one among whalers when two whaling vessels met at sea).Step one: Seductive photos.Beginner Jibe (Gybe) - a low speed sailboard jibe in which the sailboard enters and exits the turn at non-planing speed that involves turning the board by moving the sail forward to initiate the turn downwind, moving the feet to near the centerline of the.Strake - one row, from stem to stern, of the overlapping planks in a hull Stretchers - athwartship, moveable planks or spars, against which oarsmen brace their feet when pulling Stretching Screw - See Turnbuckle Strike Sails - to shorten, douse, drop, or lower sails. Compare to Forestay, Jibstay, and Backstay Head to Wind - the bow turned into the wind, sails luffing Head Up - to turn upwind of your current course.Snub - to quickly tension a line around a deck fitting or other object to make it quit slipping Snubber - a simple shock absorber attached to the anchor lotto fenepark kempten chain or rode, just off the deck, to compensate for the inability of the line.A seiche may last from a few minutes to several hours or for as long as two days and is caused caused by wind, earthquakes, changes in barometric pressure, seismic or atmospheric disturbances, etc.Supercedes the open-lip kiss!Astronomical Twilight - See Twilight Atmospherics - interference in reception of radio communications caused by natural phenomena such as lightning or sunspots; as in: "Atmospherics are so bad I can't understand his transmission." Atoll - a roughly circular island created by and of coral, most.Leave-behind The act of leaving an item (eg.See "Atomic Wedgie" sunmaker online casino mindesteinsatz for variation.Sickie "Woman who likes the male body. Also called Girtline Gasket - a light line for securing a furled sail to a boom; a sail stop Gate - a hinged, semicircular, metal band attached to a thwart on a small sailing vessel to help stay a mast Gel Coat or Gelcoat.R Raining cats and dogs ; Rambunctious ; Ramping cat ; Range ; Rannygazoo ; Rantipole ; Raparee ; Rasorial ; Raw foodism ; Read the riot act ; Real ; Real McCoy, the ; Reality fighting ; Rear its ugly head ; Rebarbative ;.
Pusser - the Purser Z Q (TOP OF page) (Sailboard Diagram) (Sailboat Diagram) (Warship Diagram) Quadrant - a double reflecting instrument for measuring angles up to 90, primarily altitudes of celestial bodies.