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Happy hunting and God Bless!
Be aware that the old surveyors didn't miss a thing.
I know you need a 12 volt battery.I always carry a file in my car or pack to freshen that edge when necessary.When you lift the tape, you will have a highly detailed negative image of your coin or toke.They auction maps on Ebay, casino piccolino coesfeld but they have a store that is just a click away.This protects the shaft and cable when in heavy brush or under bushes etc.If its not in the dirt on your cloth its still in the hole and all you have to do is take out a little more dirt.I hope to take my detector out in a week or two just to check the ground, without digging and see if it is ALL plowed down too deep.Always have a map handy when talking with someone about locations from "days gone." That way you can mark the general locations and then cross check this data with other people in that same area.There is no building there now, though there are a couple of farmhouses nearby.Sometimes a Troll is just lucky.To mark the exact spot of their hidden stash so they'd always remember the spot on their next visit, it was common for people to hammer a nail into the tree (usually somewhere on the lowest large overhanging branch) over the dug spot.All nuts and bolts are Stainless and it is unbreakable.This is nasty stuff, sticking to even stainless steel diggers.It saves time and money, no copying costs.Alternately, you can fashion a piece of wooden skewer to fit in the end for an even softer touch.Submitted 21 Nov 98 by Jim Lagowski Hi, this tip has little to do with MD but has saved my butt many times.If you use a trash and cash or carpenters apron then place the pinpointerr in one of the apron pockets and mark the apron where the front and back meet.It never hurts to stop at a farm house and ask directions ( even though you aren't lost ).Also watch for 4 or 5 Maple Trees equally spaced along the road, a sure indication.I started my research at E-Bay, finding and bidding on any map of Indiana I could and especially maps that drilled down to the county I was researching, providing towns of the era (I limited norway lotto results my research to ).Every four scoops, dump the tray out near the hole you are digging.
Some guys like tighter openings.