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12.4(3) This command was integrated into Cisco IOS Release.4(3).
Sort ascending poker flensburg casino descending Display order of the translation rules by number.
Shut number no shut number Syntax Description number Number of DSPs to be shut down.Channel id ID number of the channel that is associated with this virtual voice device.Usage Guidelines Use this command to display active-only voice calls either for a specific VFC or for all VFCs.Cisco AS5850: For T1/E1, from 0.The information for the IP phone can be seen using the show ephone offhook command.Only when the hsrp interface is active roulette even odd strategy does the gatekeeper go into the operational UP mode.Total_packet_count last; max, min Total packets processed.AlmCnt Alarm count since bootup on that channel.Values are as follows: 1 boot loader 2 high complexity core 3 medium complexity core 4 low complexity core trough size Indirect energy casino bonus code 2018 representation of the complexity of the DSPware in use.Capability list map Bitmaps for the codec supported on that DSP channel.Shutdown (gateway) To shut down all VoIP call service on a gateway, use the shutdown command in voice service configuration mode.To disable this function, use the no form of this command.Show xcsp port slot - num port - num Syntax Description slot - num Slot number of the interface card.
Retry keepalive Allows consecutive keepalive failures a certain amount of time before the link is declared down.
Show rlm group status Displays the status of the RLM group.

Command Default The Annex G neighbor is shut down.