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Total war warhammer 2 pre purchase bonus

Empath Bonds : Usable by any pair of psyker ICs with the Legiones Astartes rule and are in the same detachment.
Oh, and improving DtW against pesky Lv 2 Psykers on the enemy's side.Disposable militia bodies to buy space for your Deathstar Firedrakes?Jump Packs are the natural choice for added mobility on a Moritat, especially as they allow Deep Striking within pistol-shootin' distance.Resolving all those small blasts will take forever; however, and at 9" for those juicy double templates you may find yourself at risk of back-scatter.Three squads still not enough slot demo for you?Barbaran Thurible (Relic HH:4 A stinky censer on a pole, but it's a lot more awesome than it sounds.They cannot be a scoring unit but you really want these guys doing the choppy choppy rather than squatting on objectives.Iron halo (4) and 6 attacks (411 charging and two specialists weapons) 1 attack from digital lasers.He can be the Warlord if it's a World Eaters or Blackshield (no type specified) army.Crusade Army List updates its "Crushing Weight" rule and now it grants a 1 on the Thunderblitz table, thus negating the "No Effect" result and making it ram at effectively S10 minimum.In melee, but if it Explodes adds 1" to the radius.He can give automatenspiele kostenlos ohne anmeldung spielen ironman a Command Squad Brotherhood of Psykers (ML2) for 50 points, provided they adopt the Corvidae Cult Arcana and generate their powers from Divination.If you go for units of 20, you will have a substantial numerical advantage on the field, but also be less tactically flexible, vulnerable to movement and unit arrangement mistakes, unable to get inside most transport vehicles and potentially vulnerable to getting swept.You may take allies, or be an allied detachment, if you've got a few assault squads laying around that don't legally fit into your main detachment.

Add in the Deredeo to buff him up and with a lucky roll on the Warp Storm table (or doubles) you'll have a 3 mega-monster fighting a 5 to No save Primarch!
Unless your rite of war says otherwise that.
But remember that if he dies you won't be able to win by holding objectives.