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Ts3 poke shortcut

Fixed broken html in delete client confirmation dialog from List all Clients window when client nickname had special html characters like - Fn key on Macbooks now recognized as hotkey - Fixed contextmenu of bookmark menuitems when items were in subfolders - Save channel.
Fixed displaying wrong default channel group in channelgroup permissions.
Added new channel description preview (work in progress) which is a replacement for the eufab poker f ersatzteile wysiwyg editor.
These actions will now add bbCode tags to the text instead of using a very basic wysiwyg approach, which is too dependent on Qt CSS formatting risking to break on any Qt update.Use nickname of default identity when connecting via ts3server - Hide empty global "Plugins" menu when no plugin creates a global menuitem.Do not replace "-" with " in hostmessage dialog.Added Isle of Man country flag.Fixed that hotkey push button always adds in "all" hotkey profiles instead of the selected one.Important change so take note.Removed Collected URLs item from the tray menu.Changing the bantime dropdown no longer adjusts the time.Changed hotkey dialog category spacer alignment to left.which resulted in invalid identities or profiles).Warn user when connecting to a server and the server UID has changed in comparison to the stored value in the bookmark.Fixed crash when parsing a corrupt urls.Fixed issue with chat pen displaying chat partner is typing when he was just interacting with the tab.Can be toggled in (default is enabled).When adding a ban a dialog will show if the ban could be inserted.Fixed wrong "Apply/Discard" dialog when changing option pages.Added C runtime libraries to Linux deployment * Reworked URLs storage hopefully fixing crash on loading corrupt data file.Added button to remove all channel groups with a single click from a client in "Channel groups of Client" dialog.Calling requestFileList in plugins no longer opens file browser window in client (note plugins should use return codes to implement this properly).On Linux the system tray icon is now hidden by default due to incompatibilities with Qt and freedesktop tray icon standards.Set as y for yes and n for.
Server.0.8 requires client.0.11 to connect.
Updated emoticons display which can now show more icons at once.

Fixed chat line edit char counter which now counts also unicode characters, so the displayed characters can be different from the counter.
Added possibility to use custom country flag icons: If the folder gfx/customCountries exists, country icons will be loaded from this folder, otherwise as before from gfx/countries.